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The Almost-Hated-Math-But-Don't-Anymore Manifesto on Learning

Most lessons hit you in the face with technical definitions. It's discouraging and intimidating, a "math machismo" that's proud of walking backwards uphill. Let's not spoil the view too early!

I just want the fastest way up. What leads to real understanding? Clear, simple insights in everyday language.

BetterExplained uses analogies, diagrams, examples and plain-English descriptions to make the big picture click. Then we can understand (not memorize) the technical details. 

See, I want the blurry-to-sharp approach, not a top-down one.

If you need rigorous details up front, Wikipedia is waiting. I'm fighting for you and the younger version of myself who almost gave up on math, and just wants things to click.

If an insight-first approach resonates with you, you’ll feel right at home.