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"Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in language comprehensible to everyone."



The goal

To explain math, science and other topics clearly, intuitively, and fun...ly.

Why did I do this?

My independent work in computer science:

Wireless control of a robot
Indoor positioning using 802.11

What's New


More and more articles...


Another major overhaul to the site. I've been putting up articles as well.


I've changed the site layout, and am writing scripts to automate the updating of articles (such as Latex to HTML conversion). It's a big but necessary change, and will hopefully make everything consistent. I'm updating and revising the existing articles as I go along.


I put up another article written in Latex: linear algebra (pdf html). I discovered some cool ways to think about matrices when working on it (as if matrices aren't cool enough on their own). I'm pretty happy with the article so far, because linear algebra was something I didn't understand as well as I wanted. Also, I might start putting up djvu files instead of PDF, since they are much smaller.


Updated project page for the iPaq robot with indoor positioning, my research for this semester.


I tried writing an article on averages in Latex, and put up PDF and HTML versions. Installing the latex2html on Windows was a pain, I ended up using the one on princeton's linux boxes. However, I like having pretty PDFs... I might do this in the future for the fancier articles.