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Why Is Better Explained Different?

Learning is about a permanent shift in viewpoint, an Aha! moment, not memorizing facts that are quickly forgotten.

Most math classes start with technical definitions. Better Explained lays out the big picture and fills in the details. Here's the difference:
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We have hundreds of textbooks that cover the details. I'd prefer to contribute an insight-first approach:
If this learning approach resonates with you, you’ll feel right at home. Welcome!

About Kalid

I enjoyed math until a poorly-taught class nearly destroyed that passion. A last-minute Aha! moment showed me math could make sense, even be enjoyable, when presented with:

  • A friendly, curious attitude
  • A mix of intuitive and technical understanding
  • A focus on lasting insight

I share explanations that helped, hoping they help you too. I'm thrilled that Better Explained now reaches millions every year, and has appeared in blogs for the New York Times and Scientific American. Read more...