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Why Should I Sign Up?

If you like the blog, you’ll enjoy the email list too. I’ll be sharing the insights & techniques that took me from “huh?” to “aha!” on topics in math, programming, and communication. These periodic emails will include:

  • Exclusive content & previews
  • Short learning tips / essays / additional material that weren’t the right fit for the blog
  • Q&A on topics that are bothering you
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The blog explains ideas as I wish they were taught. The email list shares information I wish I’d seen.

Why Start an Email List?

A few reasons:

  • Email has better interaction. I can write, you can read & reply at your leisure. Social media seems noisy and non-personal — I want a conversation. (I credit Scott Young and patio11 for jump-starting the email idea).

  • The medium shapes the message. Blog posts are great for long-form, single-topic articles. Email favors shorter, bite-sized pieces. I found myself holding back material because it wasn’t a “blog-fit” (but still valuable!).

  • Better sustainability. The goal of Better Explained is to be a lifelong project. Keeping in touch ensures the material stays useful and enjoyable, and that products (like the existing ebook + screencasts) dramatically increase your understanding.

I love blogging and will always write. Email is another method to get quick feedback, with blog posts to distill the final results.

I’m so thankful to have a little corner of the internet to share ideas, and I love hearing about and discussing the aha! moments that made things click. Happy to have you along for the ride.