Slogan Contest: The Winners Are In

Thanks for your slogans! There were nearly 200, and I had a tough time deciding, but here are the winning entries:

  • James: Learn right, not rote (1st place: \$50 Amazon Gift Certificate)
  • Matt: Because ignorance is overrated (2nd place: \$25 Amazon Gift Certificate)
  • Mark: The stuck stops here (3rd place: \$25 Amazon Gift Certificate)

Congratulations guys! There were numerous honorable mentions — I was impressed by how you conveyed ideas in so few words:


  • slashdotter: Xor HUH to HAH. (XOR is a programmer’s way to selectively “toggle” data; you can imagine transforming just the U to an A. It’s a nice bit of geek humor).

Inspiring Quotes

  • lkurts: Pauca sed matura (few but ripe) — Carl Friedrich Gauss. (I like the quote, and it helps remind me to focus on quality, not quantity)
  • nandan: Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. — Marie Curie. (I agree — many of our limitations in learning are due to fear).

Nice Rhymes All of these entries had a nice ring to them.

  • Joel: From complexity and cacophony to simplicity and epiphany.
  • Mark: “The Explanation Station” and “BetterExplained means better retained”.
  • Jeff: Confusion diffusion.

Capturing The Philosophy Interesting thoughts on that “a ha” feeling.

  • Cheeaun: Learning hurts. Explanations don’t.
  • Patrick: Insight, in hindsight.
  • Labeaux: …and the lightbulb in my brain turned on!
  • Joel, Nasir: “Explanations for human beings” and “Explanations for the rest of us”
  • Brad: Have you had your “a ha” today?

Thanks to everyone who participated (browse entries on the contest page). It helped me learn what elements of the site you enjoy, and what themes to focus on. Stay tuned for the next article, on complex numbers.

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