Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make this site?

Short version: After a painful study session math “clicked” and I realized that any topic, no matter how complex, could be understood if explained intuitively. This site is my experiment on that belief (more here).

Will you cover topic X (math, stats, programming, physics)?

Sure, I’m always interested in learning more about new things. Email me with your idea. I have a long list of upcoming articles but am always curious in covering things people find difficult (especially me!).

Can I link to your site? Use it in my classroom?

Of course) You can print & distribute any page for personal, educational or non-profit use. I want people to learn.

Can I print out your articles and sell them as a book?

Ah, it’s come to that, has it? I believe in reasonable use of the work on this site. If you want to translate a page, include it verbatim, or use it in a commercial setting contact me.

How did you make the diagrams?

Microsoft Paint. Just kidding — I use Microsoft Office 2007.

How did you make this site?

I use WordPress as the blogging platform, with a LaTeX plugin to create the equations (more info).

Will you do my homework for me?

Nope, I’ll try to help with gaps in understanding instead. Teach a man to fish — you know the saying. But if you’re starving and need to eat fish, try Dr. Math, or Free Math Help.