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Zen and the Art of Learning Math (Book Discussion)

Zen and the Art of Learning Math (Book Discussion)

I had a book club discussion with Scott Young on the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

It's a wonderful book, a mix of philosophy and narrative storytelling. The central thesis is that an ineffable sense of Quality (capital Q) underlies art and science/technology, and by following it, we can unlock joy, creativity, and technical excellence.

My book notes are here

In terms of process, I read the paperback book, kept notes/highlights in the margins, transferred them a the Google doc, then summarized a few practical takeaways:

The multi-step process of taking notes, transferring them, and summarizing them to myself was quite enjoyable, and I got much more from the text than I would have otherwise.

Overall, the book is a well-written, thoughtful meditation on merging technical and artistic quality within the human experience. This is the balance I'm striving to hit with the lessons on the site, finding ways to unify technical understanding with artistic intuition and the wonder of discovery (that Aha! moment).

It's an endless game to find a better way to explain difficult concepts, and the book reminds me to enjoy the journey for its own sake.

Join Scott's book club for updates and discussions on upcoming books. Thanks again to Scott for having me on -- I had a blast and hope to participate in many more. If you're looking for more excellent and thoughtful analyses on the learning process, check out ScottHYoung.com.

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