Math seems to get magical in groups. Maria Droujkova organizes the awesome Math 2.0 interest group, which I found out about recently — I’m bummed I didn’t hear about it till now! There’s a mailing list, webinars with prominent math aficionados (hosts of MathOverflow, Cut the Knot, Art of Problem Solving), and other activities geared towards improving the state of math education.

We’ll be doing an online webcast on BetterExplained/InstaCalc at 2pm Eastern Standard Time on Sat 6/19. I plan to bring up approaches I’ve found helpful in math teaching/learning, the role of tools, and developing our intuition beyond rote memorization. But more importantly, the net lets us collaborate at a level not dreamed about a decade ago — I’m interested in hearing your ideas!

Hope to see you there!

Update: The webinar was a blast! Click here for the full recording, including video, voice, and text chat.