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Collected Notes on Success and Happiness

This is a collection of thoughts, my own and from the web, on success. The list will grow as I do! :)

Richard St. John's TED Talk

This was a 3-minute video outlining 8 factors leading to success. I organized them into buckets:

I really want to highlight the last point: persist in the face of failure and other CRAP:

This video was also a great example of the 80/20 rule. In 3 minutes you got the gist of the presentation. Would it have been 10-times better if it was 30 minutes long? No.

Can you get more from ten 3-minute videos instead of one 1/2 hour video? Probably.

An unmentioned part of success may be realizing when you’ve hit the point of diminishing returns and knowing when to move on.

Steve Jobs (Stanford graduation speech and video)

Selected quotes from the Full Transcript:

“Music and Life” from Alan Watts